Waikato Veteran Pennants. RULES.


  1. The competition to be known as the WAIKATO DISTRICT VETERAN INTERCLUB PENNANTS and will be completed by the last day of April by participating clubs from within the area covered by the Association. The Final to be played during two weeks of May that the Committee decides and no one day event will be permitted in these weeks.
  2. The winning team will hold the WAIKATO DISTRICT VETERAN TROPHY for the year of the competition only. The second place team will hold the Trophy for the year of the competition only.
  3. The competition will be run as an interclub medal team’s event. Each team shall consist of the number of players and the number of cards counting that is decided by each zone. Teams in the final shall consist of 6 players with all cards counting. The region will be divided into zones with a Competition Convener (being a Vice President of the Association) and Zone Conveners.
  4. Clubs may enter as many teams as they choose but all must play in the same zone. A player may not interchange between teams. lnfringement of this rule will result in disqualification of that team for that round.
  5. The playing index shall be as per dot gold index for each player on each and every course played in the competition. All Team Members must be a member of Waikato District Veteran Golfers Association.
  6. ln the event of injury or illness of a player during a round his score will be recorded as equal to the worst counting score of his team members.
  7. Each participating club will host one round. Rounds should not to be played so as to conflict with days already scheduled by the Association for one day or other tournaments. If conflict is in a different area that will not effect the competition it may happen. The Match committee of the day will be the Zone Convener and or Host Club convener of the day.
  8. An entry fee of $20 per team will be paid to the Secretary or Zone Convener prior to the start of the first round. lf payment is not received by the start of the first round the team is ineligible to participate.
  9. All players will be required to pay the requested entry fee set by the Host Club to cover green fees and prizes. lt would assist the Host club convener’s if the Team Captain collects the fees from his team and hands the total to the convener. Two’s and raffles are extra unless otherwise organized by the Host Club.
  10. The TOP TWO TEAMS from each zone will qualify for the final on a course neutral to all teams competing. ln the event of two or more teams in a zone being equal on points at the end of the preliminary rounds all such teams shall qualify. The Executive shall approve the neutral course and advise the Competition Convenor to book the venue.
  11. The Convenors of each Zone to send to the Secretary, the totals of each club in their Zone. Then follow up for the finals with names and handicaps of the two top teams for the finals draw.
  12. In the event of teams being equal on points in the final, then it will be decided by comparing the net scores of the highest ranked player (on handicap) of each team involved.If they are equal then it will be decided in decending order through the teams until a result is obtained. If after comparing all team members it is still equal then it will be decided by lot.
  13. Prizes for the Final will be provided from the team entry fees and supplemented by any donations made specifically for this event. Prizes will be allocated by taking 60% of the Team Entry Fees including any supplementary donations made for that event. 50% of that pool paid to the Winning team, 30% to the Second placed team and 20% to the Third placed team.
  14. ln the event of a team fielding insufficient numbers for a full team, such team must pay full entry fee of the day, for any scores to count in the competition. The missing members score will be equal to the worst counting score on the board by any pennant player on the day.
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